Long way from no where, and long way to somewhere

Different paths show up when least expected

Uncertain and bleak looking

Do you have the faith? To take the step

To plunge into the darkness

Go where there might not be a return from

Into the mist, don’t lose step

Keep going, stay on course

Find the hand, hold on tight

Lead the way, to a place of new beginnings

Eyes on the prize, pay the price

Fall into the fire, burn to ash, be born again

Rise from the torment, like a Phoenix

High in the sky, spread wings wide

Fill the world with your song

Show them, there isn’t anything that will keep you down

Fight your way through, learn from

Start the journey, second chances

Give all you got, don’t expect anything

Love lots, be careful of who has your heart

Laugh often, share your smile

Don’t let the unknown take your courage

Charge on through, like a lion

Show how it’s done, learn to dance

Let the world know you are here to stay

Burning bridges, the only way out

The darkness has no hold on you

You are a tiger, get up and always keep trying

For one day, it will come to light

A new chapter on an already tragic story

In the unknown, a cleanse happens

Come out afresh, anew, ready to start again

Like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes to fly again

January 24, 2022 Alkronebusch

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