In the woods, theres a yearning

Calling out to all who listens

The last song before the moon fades

Dancing on the water, glistening

High in the sky, the wonder begins

A story written, a story told

Lying awake at night, staring at the darkness

Wondering, if there really is an end

If this journey continues on the path its on

Out there in the trees, there’s a sign

Carved into the bark of an old oak

The children of the night, eyes of gold

A lone star shines, a beacon

The cool moon light, a cool blue glow

Soft footfalls on a bed of leaves

A footprint left, so many questions

The loyalty shows, watching from the bushes

Guarding, ever the reliable friend

The haunting howl, of a lonely soul

Standing strong, side by side

If the threat reveal, what’s in store

For the silence is the way

In times of need, may the souls connect

For out of the mist comes that which would heal

The broken heart all must feel

In the light if day all has been taken

Into the fold, the pack of futures best

Where ever loyal, ever faithful

The Grey wolf shows its might

The love they feel, for the other

January 25, 2022 Alkronebusch

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