Out there some where

Is a mystery to be solved

A puzzle to be put together

Find the pieces, follow the clues

Laid out before you

Cleverly put, cleverly hidden

Search for the words

Like a scavenger hunt, start the hunt

Everywhere you go there is a hint

A tickle at the memory

Of a time much brighter than now

As the story unfolds

Follow the path laid out before

Only then will the mystery start to show

Let the spirits guide you, on this journey

Write in a journal, thoughts of times past

Maybe then will it be revealed

What the clues are trying to say

What the puzzle is trying to show

A whisper in the night

There is only one way

Through to the other side

Where the answers will be

To the mystery that is in your heart

January 27, 2022 Alkronebusch

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