Eternity 💞

Love is enternal

Love will never die

No matter what

It will always be

An emotion that will never leave

Love is strong

Hold fast

Truly a desire

One that’s battered




Locked away

But always comes back fighting

Always the optimistic

Always there when least expected

Shining bright

Let the sunshine in

That warmth

That surrounds

The entirty, of it all

Only one thing

In this vast world

That never sleeps

As it’s searching for away

Back, into the arms

Never let’s go


It is forever


A long time

Always be

This that one is feeling

In the heart

The dream

Of what will come

A chance at

A romance

One that’s so strong

It will never break

For it is the feeling

All looks for

One that will stay

For eternity

January 30, 2022 alkronebusch

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