Twinkling in the sky

Only come out at night

Surrounding the moon

The cool blue glow

Night has fallen

Taking away the light

A shade like no other

Comes to bide the time

Until the night fades

The greatest star of all

Shares the day with no one

Even the moon slowly fades

At dawns early light

The guides of the dark

Won’t come again

Till the blanket of night

Covers the sky

Shielding the world

From the harsh reality

That comes with being awake

Dreams come real in the dark

Caught by all the stars

An ocean of inky black

Dotted with tiny light

All the secrets kept

Never letting go

A wish was spoken

A promise made

Only the night knows

Where the gems glow

All across the world

Is the missing pieces

Come find the one

Hold on tight

Don’t let the dream fade

At dawns early light

February 1, 2022 alkronebusch

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