The bond that started it all
The shooting star, that streaked across the vision
The eclipse that blacked out the moon
The ocean waves, as they crash against the shore
The light that burst forth, as the sun rises
All these things have one thing in common
Natures song, the ability to heal
To always be, the one that looks out for
The undeniable strength, hidden in the shadows
The rock that everyone needs, the shoulder to cry on
In the most darkest of times, the heart will always beat
Turn back time, or look ahead
Whichever is chosen, it will never be beaten
Never be broken, battered or bruised
Like the fire that takes all, the memory will remain
Will come again, because it never stops
There is only one thing that is eternal
Something that can not and will not be snuffed out
In the beauty of information, it will come to all
To strangers who meet on a long lonely, dark road
Heading for oblivion, not knowing it’s not to be, but always meant to be
What is written on the pages of the book of life
Will always come to pass, even if you don’t believe
In the magic, the study of a bird in flight
The one thing that has followed throughout history
Has been constant in all that you do
The sense that you matter, have a purpose, that you belong
That always calls to you in the night
Leading you back to that one place
The one place where you have always felt safe
Back to the love that has never left
The love that has always been buried deep inside
Waiting for the whisper on the wind
To let go and find
What has been searched for all across the world
The bond that started it all
The wish that made it possible
The song that gave meaning
The promise that was made
To always stick by forever in eternity
Something that has been
Hidden beneath the fear of being left alone
The one thing that can never be abandoned
Because it will always be

February 8, 2022

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