Angel watch over

The stars in the sky above
Dancing amongst the blackness
The moment that we share
Is in the look of your eyes
Standing here in the cove
Forever to be alone
The darkness closing in
No surrounding embrace
No reflection in the mirror
This one chance to shine
The one time to out glow
On the stage of life
We go on, the movement
Fighting for what we believe
Never giving up
That is the message
In the stars tonight
A tear glistens
Follow the track, down
See the glory in the smile
Thats never to be
Far away, is where the heart resides
Taken, never to come back
In this life there is only one
The one thay completes
The circle....
There will always be a time
To listen, a time to cry
Comfort is what we yern
Not what we get
This life is short
Let's not waste it
Try an make something of it
Never let the light fade
The one that leads home
Music ebbs and flows
Vibrating through the soul
Once upon a river
The bends isn't the end
Wish all you want
Dreams may come to you
Up there on the mountain
Awaits your destiny
In the clouds hold rain
As a tear escapes
Leaving a trail, to the heart
Find your way, hold on
In this together
Beyond death, always be
In the sky above
Angel watch over you

Feb 29, 2022

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