The lone tree

See within
There it stands
Out there in the middle
The middle of nowhere
Standing by itself
Wondering when there will be
A moment in time when
Someone sees, and not just pass by
In the vastness of the universe
There is always something calling
Like the lone wolf howls to the moon
A song begins to form
In the wakefulness of the stars
The waterfalls flow
A cascadance of a roar
Fills the night air, owning to the dance
The twinkle of the owl
In his quest to catch the mouse
The wisdom that shines out
Luminescence glow of the power
Watching the growth
Travelling on the path, to another place
Back to standing alone
In the middle, on the plain
Lost in the sea of voices
Not sure if should speak
If only would be heard
Always doing others bidding
A need to please
In the nature of one
Hope to hold onto, tightly
There is no time to lose
As the glade comes forth
To the part where find
In the center of it all
The one constantly waiting
A lone tree
Standing all alone
In the middle of the place
From time and call
In the hidden tunnel
The mystery to be solved
The puzzle to be put together
The loud noise, so quiet
A buzzing of the bees, hum
Music shows itself
In the stand of the lone tree

March 4, 2022

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