Chestshire cat

Oh how the chestshire cat grins

The mischief of the word

In the dark, only one light

From a world imagined

Comes a tale untold

A story of adventure

In the time and space

Down the rabbit hole

Come out, and what may

It will surprise you

All in the color of the moon

Remember the childhood

Peace and fun

Found in the grin

Of a chestshire cat

Oh how the world has changed

What once was, may come again

The stars may twinkle

The birds soar high

Envelope in the flame of the dragon

Show the inner fire

Let it burn, let it free

Follow the path laid out

Into a story of epic proportions

Just stay, watch the movie

For it comes again

A sliver of silver at first

Turns gold in brightness

Until all you see in the blackness

Oh for the grin of the chestshire cat

March 5, 2022 alkronebusch

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