Fairy land

A magical place, imagine

Looking through the glass

Half empty or half full

On other side

Where it goes, no one knows

They flit and flutter

Amongst the branches they dance

In and out of focus

Not showing themselves

Holding out the hope

To find the one

Smiling on the other end

The twinkle, in the branches as you pass by

The gold flecks in the air

Sparkle land on eye lashes

Butterfly kisses

As they flit and flutter amongst the trees

The path twists and turns

On the hill in the center

Stands alone, the silver white stag

Watching over his kingdom

The moon is high, as the lone wolf sings

Renosauncing to the very core

A glistening tear, slides down

The space within

The hurt, not left behind

The heartbeats for only one

Left alone, hand out

Reaching for a star, never to hold

There they go again

Flittering and fluttering amongst the trees

Leading the way to the sky

Where the fairies reside

In the water, looks like glass

Step through the door

Into the world beyond

March 7,8/22 Alkronebusch

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