Photograph Chapter five

Chapter Five
The memory

‘Just another piece of paper and an old photograph’…….

Mark looked around, before taking a few steps back and pulled the book out of the corner. Pocketing it, he walked to where Jo was still going through boxes, passing by where the paper and photo were laying. Where moments before nothing had been there, mysterious. He picked them up and put them inside the book before putting it back in his pocket. Upon reaching the teen he asked “anything yet?”

Looking up from the journal he had found and had been reading. Jo asked “who’s jay?”

Mark almost fell down, no one is supose to know about Jay. No one and yet here is a journal with his name mentioned in. Taking the book from Jo, Mark flipped it closed and started at the name on the front…….


And written underneath were the words

‘what wonders words can make’

What on earth was going on??

Frowning he put the journal down. Confused, Mark was fairly certain that his Aunt Star’s things had been missing for years…yet here was a box of her stuff.

‘Has it been here the whole time?’ He wondered.

Reaching into the box, he pulled out  the contents one by one and set them gently on the table. Laying them out like a time line of her life. Pausing Mark hesitated at the last item that was sitting on the bottom of the box, wrapped in Auntie Star’s scarf.

Young Jo saw him hesitate and was about to ask why, when he slowly and reverently picked it up. Mark hugged it to his chest, a tear slid down his cheek as a memory that wasn’t his over whelmed him.

Leaving poor Jo at a loss………

Chapter five

The Memory

The year was 1958

It was autumn, and a beautiful day, the sun was shinning and the colors glowed. 17 year Star danced amongst the falling leaves, she spun as they swirled around her. Her joyous laughter filled the air, on the porch sat auntie Beth writitng in her note book another one of her mystery riddles no doubt, Star laughed more. She was always coming up with different mysteries and riddles for her to figure out and solve.

The day was perfect, sun shining, birds singing and yet there was something in the air. Star could feel it, and she didn’t like it, but she wasn’t about to let whatever it was ruin her day. As so she danced……one day she will be a famous dancer. That has always been a dream of hers, plus there was another reason for her wanting to be famous. She was hoping the one who stole her heart would notice her.

It was back in drama class, during practice on Friday 13th evening. Now lots of people think that number is unlucky, Star sees it as different. She sees it as an opportunity to make life interesting, and it was the day she met him. The one who makes her heart sing, and gives her the courage to continue even when times are rough.

He was a beautiful man, kind, thoughtful, had a voice of an angel and could dance like a dream. Everyone wanted him, but it seemed the only one who could get his attention was the one who was always by his side. His best friend and life long companion Kit.

~~~~~~~~☆☆☆☆Mark feinted☆☆☆☆~~~~~~~~

Alarmed Jo followed him down, wrapping his arms around him, making sure Mark’s head was on his lap in the end.

March 11, 2022 Alkronebusch

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