What we feel, what we see, where to begin?

This life we bring the light of the moon,
hold it in our hands,
touch it with finger tips,
see into the universe.

Climb to the top,
go the distance,
wish upon a star,
glide on glistening ice,
to see the beauty of the moon.

Life is like looking through the looking glass,
it’s not always as it seems,
high in the sky,
where the birds sing.

Dreams are out of reach,
lose all control,
bring the rain,
bring the fire,
to a broken heart.

The gift of love, never cease,
never drowns,
to this day, the bell tolls,
in the morning light,
a new day has begun.

Over time, the distance fades,
one can never be, one will always be,
at night the lights glisten,
lighting up the sky,
with colors of blue and gold,
silver and white.

In your eyes
found the path to another world,
arms wrap around,
this journey has just begun,
The stillness of the wood.

The shadows dismay,
sounds out of range,
to those who step,
‘don’t follow the lights’,
the whispers say.

The wheel turns,
time and space,
a comet streaks,
the dead wood beckons.

Tall and proud, one must be,
continue, one more step,
open the book,
a passage, go through,
the tunnel will lead,
straight back to you.

March 13, 2022

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