Never to be warm

Never be warm again

Even when the sun shines

It doesn’t enter in

This heart is broken

The cold chases away

Passes through time

Always be connected

Over an expanse of time

Still here waiting

For the warmth, to return

Will it return? no one knows

The light fades

No longer see your smile

Shadows swirl around

It’s now up to the moon

A song, a voice, a dream

Chase away all your fears

Come back, take the step

Bring back the warmth

Let it surround

The magic comes

Out of the darkness

The whispers creep

Stealing back the warmth

For in this moment

Where you are, I do not know

All gone in an instance

Time to shine always

Try and find the memories

Of the happiness

Only thing to bring

Is the warmth, that eludes

Sit on the rock

Watch the river flow

See the snow swirl

For in that minute

It felt like a trickle

Of the warmth came back



For there is no chance

Hold onto, a love so strong

Was it real, or was it all just a dream

For now, not sure as…..

……..Never to be warm

March 14, 2022 Alkronebusch

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