Snow Crystals

Snow Crystals

Snow Crystals in the light
Snow Crystals in the dark
Snow Crystals shine

From the light of the moon
To the light of the sun
The snow Crystals sparkle and shine

Snow Crystals in the night
Snow Crystals in the dream
Snow Crystals sparkle

From the way the stars twinkle
To the memory of you
The Snow Crystals will remain and remember

Snow Crystals in the castle
Snow Crystals in the tower
Snow Crystals dance

From the moment time began
To the moment it ends
The snow Crystals will spread and draw

Forever more
The snow Crystals will come
Snow Crystals
Let the melody crescendo
Heighten as they twist and spin
Those Snow Crystals
That sparkle and shine

March 20, 2022 Alkronebusch

and it is tajispoem26 (IG) that I first posted this poem on. I do have an IG account for my blog also. And one of the snows has a 9 in it, to which I just noticed now lol

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