Till now

In the light of day, he wanders, not sure where to go. Confused and hurt he continues forward, hopeing against all hope that what he saw wasn’t real. That this pain in his heart is not there, that it’s all a nightmare and he will wake up and the vision will not be.

Tears flowed down his cheeks, as he stumbled along, the pain in his heart to much to bare.

Suddenly before he reached the edge, arms wrapped around him, pulling him back. Back into a strong embrace, a familiar embrace.

A sob tore from his throat as he struggled against the hold…..
he knew it was in vain though, for the one holding him has always been the one to never let go.

He may not want to be held right now, because he just wants it to end. But he knew deep down the one holding him was the one, and has always been the one.

The one whom stuck by him through all the pain, the suffering, the broken moments where he just wanted to sleep all the time. The one who has always had his back, the one whom has never left him….

He soon succombed to the fierce embrace of his friend, the one who has always been there, the one who has always loved him.

Turning he slowly looked into the deep ocean eyes of the one who took his heart a long time ago…..he just didn’t know, or realized it…..

Till now….

March 27, 2022

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