Wake up and knew

You were trouble from the very start

Yet always by your side

No matter what happens

Stand by, always stay

Wish on all the stars

For a chance to shine

Share laughter with the moon

The light of the sun

The dark of the moon

Silver and golden glow

Sparkles in your eyes

As we dance across the distance

Nothing will stand between us

You and me will always be

On a beach somewhere

Watching the sunset


Always knew, finally be

In your arms

For all eternity

No longer hurting

No longer searching

Looking out and finally get to see


our hearts sing

Rejoicing to the heavens

Dreams come true

In dawns early light

Another chapter to go through

One more step, one more obstacle

Climb any mountain

Just to get to you

This journey has been hard

Has been long

But for tonight, we will dance to the music

Music of our hearts

That has been waiting there

To be fulfilled

Gaze in your eyes

See affection there


from the very start

That don’t change feelings

Long since realized

In all this time

For all this story


March 27,2022 Alkronebusch

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