In the night they show their trueness
Always following behind the vision
A shadow of doubt, keep digging dirt
Brothers in arms, one in a foxhole
Will always be there, to pick up
The pieces, dont know where they’ve gone
A puzzle, mountain stream
The sky so blue, sunshines
Look in the depths of the world
See the soul within
All the stars fall, streak across
Wishes so many wishes
On the train to anywhere
Yet nowhere
Strangers meet, Gaze, lost in each other’s eyes
Feel whole, like nothing can part them
Known themselves all their lives
Hope in the moon
Darken the moment, finally get to see
Get to talk, hold, love
Hearts beat together
Dont fear death, just not trying
Loss isnt an option
The memory is there, just need to bring forth
Outside the periferal line of sight
The shadows cover the foot steps
In the sand, try to follow
Lost by the ocean, gaze out
See the sun rise
Look beside, not there, lost in the moment
Brothers in arms, always faithful
Love of all time, love for the ages
Always protect, die for
The souls collide, finally found the pieces
The god given gift, cherish
Hold tight, never to let go
Don’t let it slip away, hold tight
Take the chance, jump in with both feet
Dont let the fear take over
Don’t let them tear apart
In the end, always find
Will always know where to look
Strangers… in the night
Hop on a train going

March 30, 2022

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