That day

That day, the rain subsided

The blue sky was so blue

Clear and shining, the sparkle was there

Puddles for jumping in

The spray shoots up

Showering you with little droplets of crystal

Hit the ground, spin, play

Shine like you never done before

Dance in the moonlight

Bring out the smile, that brightens the day

Never be left alone

Always catch one another

Never let fall, off the mountain


Colors all a blur

Dive in, lie here, be with you

My forever is in your eyes

Ohhhh that day

Ohhh promises

Take the step, be the rock

The steady hand, beating heart

This is your time

Brighten the moment

Let your light so shine

Leading home

To your heart, in your eyes

Drowning in the depths

Walk backwards, few steps

Forward 2 more

Ohhhhh loving

Ohhh that day

Was the moment of a lifetime

Dancing on the roofs, spinning out of control

No more sad songs

Lost my heart to you

From the moment we met babe

It will always be yours

Ohhhh kissing

Ohhh that day

March 31, 2022 Alkronebusch

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