Whispering in the trees
Bring about the bees
Fly to the flowers
That show your desires
In the pool of life
What tells, the way to define
One arises with the moon
Find comfort, dance to the tune
In a way, the world beyond
Tell a tale, of the love behold

Spread the love, spread the joy
Go beyond the edge, find the rejoin
In the cave, out in the sea
Below the blue waters, to see
A treasure trove, one left to find
In the look, left behind
Written in the white sands
A message if untold, let lose the minds
One given, is to a gift believe
All that is forgotten, one must perceive

All that is said, in the dark
As the rose blooms, life renews, as you watch the arc
After the rains, world of wonder
Watch the skies, see the stunner
Comes the show, there the crowd
In the lime light, beyond the shroud
There’s a shadow there
Follow in the steps, but beware
In time you will see, all that glistens
Dew drops on the leaves, For all who listens

April 10, 2022 Alkronebusch

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