Photograph Chapter six

Chapter six The mystery trip

~~~~~~~☆The past☆~~~~~~~~

Early morning

The sun barely begun to crest the horizon, the glow slowly touching the trees. Spreading out over a beach in florida at Blowing Rocks Preserve, Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island.

It has been many years since she came here, many years since the day she help the one who stole her heart, start a new life with the one who has always held his attention.

Star remembered the day she figured it out, at first she was hurt and confused, but then after a while of thinking it over she came to realized what the closeness between the 2 meant. She made a decision then to be his friend and help in any way she could.

So she stood there on the beach watching the 2 walk away to their new life. She watched as he put an arm around his life long companion Kit, the smiles the 2 shared touched her heart, and warmed it. What they have is what she has always dreamed of finding…..she thought she had when she met him, but she never had a chance to win his heart. For it already belonged to someone else…………

~~~~~~☆The present☆~~~~~~

Standing on that very same beach her aunt Star stood so many years ago, Mary looked out over the ocean.  Thinking for the 5th time that morning, about what she had done and was about to do.

It wasn’t that long ago that she had discovered something that was lost and was supose to stay lost. Up in the attic, of the family cabin……

The day Mary found out the truth……

What she found could ruin everything that her aunt had worked so hard for. It could unravel, and reveal what had happened that day that he and his life long companion Kit disappeared and started a new life.

The day that sent her aunt on the journey/path that brought her to where she was before she disappeared also….. and all the intricate web of secrets, promises and carefully crafted stories…..all to keep them safe, could come out, then there will be alot of questions.

It could all come apart if what she found is discovered by any one else beside her brother Mark……they have to keep this secret so the young man that they rescued that day when they were in the market trying to figure out the riddle they’re great aunt had left in her box of riddles, mysteries, etc, would stay safe.

Mary sighed and looked over towards the place she stayed at last night under a different name and she paid in cash and was careful not to reveal to much of herself to the desk clerk or the surveillance cameras.  She doesn’t need to be discovered yet…..for she has to make sure everything that her aunt Star did, doesn’t fall apart…..turning she put her duffle bag strap over her should and carrying her suitcase so to leave as minimal mark of her passing as possible. She Followed the same path that they took so many years ago…..


Pathway to light
You will find
In the pool
Looking back
Reflecting on
It will show
What you seek
But will it be
What you desire
To find the truth
One must travel back
Down that road
Into the starlight

July 23, 1960
(April 6,2022)


Canmore Alberta….

The cabin by the mountains…..

Brushing the hair off his face, Jo study the man who with his sister had basically came out of know where and rescued him….why? He always wondered. But he will worry about that later, right now he was worried about the man in his lap and arms. Jo gently shook Mark’s shoulder, trying to wake him…..

April 24,2022 Alkronebusch 

The picture of the ocean isnt mine, that right belongs to the owner of the picture.

The picture of the sunset is my own.

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