Walking along

Walking along the white sands, in the warmth of the sun. Wind swept and music of the ocean. Find the rhythm,  watch the waves. The path reveals, a whisper in the water. Take a shell, listen to the sound. A story is told, through the movement of fluidy. Sit back and watch, the clouds swirl. Birds high in the sky, dipping and gliding. See if found, the pattern in the stars. From long ago, it was written....

*two souls will travel the world searching, two souls make the journey through the darkest moments, two souls make the most of life, until they collide, connect, be whole, two souls .*

Walking the lonely beach, always waiting. In the moonlight, stars above. Holding, reaching, nothing found. Like a puzzle, the heart is torn all apart. Tears fall, river flow, see the glow. Into the dark, follow anywhere. Explosion, fear, left......footprints.....one set....two set.....one set....carried. Seek the guidance, look ahead. Wish for one's own dreams.....

Late at night, no light to be, beheld. Find the answers, in each other's eyes. Feel the heat, lean on, hold on tight. This is a roller coaster ride, high in the heavens is where we stay. Imprint, a memory, greyscale, brings new meaning. Never let go, this is for eternity.

Walking along.....

April 27,2022

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