Mr. Of the night

Waiting, watching

In your heart forever, there’s a peace never let go. All the time spent, in the night, a dream comes out, to a promise of one there. May what is found be the treasure of tales untold. Up on the mountain, so high you can see the glistening ocean, in the eyes of a tiger, fighter. Dancing through fire, the stars are here to stay. Let them show the way, to another place, where last forever. Your heart beats for the one, the moon shines, a lasting glow. Midnight hue and Violet form, found in the shadow of an old oak tree. Where wise old owl sits, watching, luminous eyes is all you see, spotlight, highlight. What wonders never cease…..

April 28, 2022 Alkronebusch

Luminous glow

Pictures I found on the net and don’t belong to ke, that right belongs to the owners of said pictures

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