In the sky
A dark cloud looms
Ever coming closer
As it moves
The smell of wet comes
The life giving water
Begins to fall
A never ending devotion
To the world
Not knowing isnt always easy
To listen to what nature says
Follow the heart
Go to find
Your part in this jungle
Begin a chapter
Tell your side
Let the tears mix
Let the rain wash over you
No one can tell
As you lift your eyes to the sky
What is rain and what is tears
This burden you bare
Don't do it alone
Lean on me, I am here
The rain may wash away
But the loneliness is still there
As you travel back
Down the road, try to find
The next step to take
Branch off from the one set
Chose your own destiny
Don't let others design
Make your own story
Even if it intertwines
The roots are deep
Find the one, feel safe
Know that you made it
The sun will shine
After the storm

May 20, 2022

(The 2 pictures aren't mine, that right and privilege goes to the owner of said pictures)

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