The moon (2)

In the moon
There is a story
As it sits there
Above the water
Ripples form, at the edge
Of the mind stuck
A dream that never will
Casual glances, walk by
Out there on the mountain
A hungry puma waits
Hiding in the shadows
Out of vision and focus
The moon light never touches
It wont reach, the path
Leading out of this maze
Trying to figure out the puzzle
The last piece is missing
Owl flight, wolf howl, the hunt
Come follow, let the moon show
There is a way, answers
Out of the blue, rain
Cleansing, refreshing
On high sits the eagle
Waiting, watching
The wonders of the world
The love that shows
Unconditional heart
The story in the moon
Has yet to end
There's more to come
wait to see
In the moon
There's a story
To be told
As it sits above the water
Listen closely

June 13, 2022

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