In the woods, theres a yearning

Calling out to all who listens

The last song before the moon fades

Dancing on the water, glistening

High in the sky, the wonder begins

A story written, a story told

Lying awake at night, staring at the darkness

Wondering, if there really is an end

If this journey continues on the path its on

Out there in the trees, there’s a sign

Carved into the bark of an old oak

The children of the night, eyes of gold

A lone star shines, a beacon

The cool moon light, a cool blue glow

Soft footfalls on a bed of leaves

A footprint left, so many questions

The loyalty shows, watching from the bushes

Guarding, ever the reliable friend

The haunting howl, of a lonely soul

Standing strong, side by side

If the threat reveal, what’s in store

For the silence is the way

In times of need, may the souls connect

For out of the mist comes that which would heal

The broken heart all must feel

In the light if day all has been taken

Into the fold, the pack of futures best

Where ever loyal, ever faithful

The Grey wolf shows its might

The love they feel, for the other

January 25, 2022 Alkronebusch

Always and forever

In the dark of night
I will find you
The most painful memory
I will be there
In the weakest moments
I will be your rock
The guide that leads you home
In your worst anger
I will be what anchors you
What teathers you to this reality
Invisible to the naked eye
Is a red string connecting us
Our destiny's have been inseparable
Since the dawn of time
There hasn't been one as strong
In centuries, I will be the one
The one that will be yourconstant companion
Always and forever

January 24, 2022


Long way from no where, and long way to somewhere

Different paths show up when least expected

Uncertain and bleak looking

Do you have the faith? To take the step

To plunge into the darkness

Go where there might not be a return from

Into the mist, don’t lose step

Keep going, stay on course

Find the hand, hold on tight

Lead the way, to a place of new beginnings

Eyes on the prize, pay the price

Fall into the fire, burn to ash, be born again

Rise from the torment, like a Phoenix

High in the sky, spread wings wide

Fill the world with your song

Show them, there isn’t anything that will keep you down

Fight your way through, learn from

Start the journey, second chances

Give all you got, don’t expect anything

Love lots, be careful of who has your heart

Laugh often, share your smile

Don’t let the unknown take your courage

Charge on through, like a lion

Show how it’s done, learn to dance

Let the world know you are here to stay

Burning bridges, the only way out

The darkness has no hold on you

You are a tiger, get up and always keep trying

For one day, it will come to light

A new chapter on an already tragic story

In the unknown, a cleanse happens

Come out afresh, anew, ready to start again

Like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes to fly again

January 24, 2022 Alkronebusch

Fight for

Who do you fight for?

It isn't enough to know
This life we lead
There will be obstacles
And some that are hard to get through
Hard to pass by, to get to the goal
At the end of the path
2 directions to go
Which is the way
One leads to more despair
The other hasn't been decided on
Because that story hasn't been written
So what way to choose
Which is the safer route
Or does one just stay
In the comfort zone, never to leave
Alone forever
take a chance, step into the unknown
Take a leap of faith, that someone will be there
Catch you as you
Fight for what you believe in
Fight for all that you hold dear
All that matters more to you than life itself
An unbreakable bond
One that hasn't been seen in centuries
So are you willing to step
On the path
The path that wasn't mentioned
For no one thinks to go straight
Or look up for that matter
Step into the mist
Into to the Fight
The fight for the love of a lifetime

January 22, 2022


What is beauty

That to which is anything

A flower opening up to the sun

The warmth of a smile

The laughter of friends

Butterflies dancing amongst the lilacs

The hum of the hummingbird wings

Little things that are forgotten

The touch of someone’s hand

Being held, loved

All these things are not noticed enough

To most beauty is without not within

But if one did take the time to see

They would notice the beauty in front of them

Learn that true beauty is whats inside and all around us

Nature is the best teacher on beauty

To one a thorn bush is ugly, to another it is a testament to the beauty within

One does search for knowledge on everything

A beautiful mind, adds to the allure

To the mystery of what is

To what was

To the one thing most forgotten

In this life we all search for it

Crave it almost

And to which is only found, truly in one place

Is in the beauty of nature

The true meaning of what beauty should be

So when you go looking for that which is pretty

Look no further than the love shinning in a young one’s eyes

January 22, 2022 Alkronebusch


To death do us part....no....

Let us live forever in this moment
May we always find each other
No matter where we are
May we stand side by side for all time
Death will never part us
For our love is eternal
We will always be part of eachother
Where one goes, the other goes
If one dies, the other will die
2 souls and 2 hearts become one
May our love forever shine
There is no death do us part
For death can not keep us apart
We will always be together
Always find eachother other
For before birth
Our destiny's were intertwined
Our life's connected
No matter where we are
We will be forever linked
We will never be broken
From this moment on
For forever and always

January 18, 2022

You (because I love you)

I've been waiting my whole life
For some one like you
And now that I've finally found you
I will do anything to keep you
Go down a road, don't know where it goes
Stay in the dark, hopeing for the light
Since the day we met, you have become my everything

I will walk through fire, for you
Fall off the deep end, for you
Go through hell, for you
Endure it all, for you
There isn't anything I won't do, for you
I will lay my life down, for you
I will always be here, there for you
Do all this for you
Because I love you

Almost lose all hope that we'd make it
Our love is strong
Will bust through any obstacle
I will fight till my last breath
The world will know our story
Will know our song
They will know that I will....

Walk through fire, for you
Fall off the deep end, for you
Go through hell, for you
There isn't anything I won't do, for you
Lay my life down for you
Always be here, there for you
I will do this all, for you
Because I love you

The stars will rejoice
When we finally see
Finally get to hold
Finally get to touch
To kiss
Finally be next to
There I will stay, for all time
A fierce loyalty, I have to you

I will follow you to the ends
There is nothing that will stop me
You are the one for me and you always will be

I will walk through fire for you
Give my life for you
Go through hell for you
Fall off the deep end for you
Always be here, there for you
There isn't anything I won't do for you
Because I love you

Where you go, I go

January 18, 2022

The moon

In the night

Up in the sky

There’s a star

All alone, close your eyes

Tears spill down

Follow the water

Down the lane

Up in the mountains

A lone wolf howls

The glow of golden eyes

Out from the darkness

Eerie mist swirls

Padding of quiet paws

The pond at the center

All you see, glimmering there

Amongst the ripples

Amongst the shimmer

Between the lilies

Reflection of the moon

January 15, 2022 Alkronebusch


Left in the cold

There all alone

Just wanted to be loved

Wanted someone to hold

Walk across the ice

See it there melting

Where it meets the sun

Where the reflection of your face used to be

Left on the side of the road

Feeling a loss, feeling pain

You were my only family

You were my comfort and joy

All is gone, all is lost

Without you there is nothing

We lonely hearts fall

Broken wings

In the abandoned hall

Lonely songs

Flit to the moon

No more in the stars

This journey ends

The book has closed

Nothing more to say, yet everything to say

All the hope, all the love

Went up in smoke

True to be, loyalty

This heart will belong only to you

On a bench, in the middle of the rain

A note lay

Words written, yet unspoken

To the one I love, it says

Followed by a declaration

Will always be here

Not going anywhere

The waterfall roars

Like the raging storm inside

Hung out to dry

The fire of the sun


January 12, 2022 Alkronebusch